Soffit and Fascia Repair

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Aid with Soffits and Fascia

Are you familiar with soffits and fascia? These are important parts of your roofing system that may not get a lot of attention. However, when they aren’t holding up properly, they could lead to issues that are costly and extensive. At Paramount Roofing and Consulting, we are able to provide soffit and fascia repair in Douglasville, GA, so we can fix yours if you need us to. In some cases, you may need soffit and fascia replacement, which is another job we can handle at your address.

To learn more about what these things do on your home, you can talk to us and we can give you a rundown. While they are not complicated parts of your roof, they are quite important. Our roofers are available to lend a hand all the time. Just dial 404-309-8035 when you need to talk to us.

What They Do

If you look at the bottom of your roof, the part that overhangs past the exterior walls of your home, you will be able to see your soffit and fascia. The soffit is the area that your gutter system likely connects to and helps gutters and fascia stay securely in place. They are horizontal and can be made of metal or vinyl. Fascia are the boards you see that are underneath the overhang of your home, which may be wooden or vinyl. Together they provide some of the framework for your roof. It is advisable to get them replaced when you get a new roof installed, so if you didn’t do that or you don’t know if anyone has ever inspected them, you should call on a roofer to look at them to gauge their condition. When they wear down or become damaged, this can leave your roof at risk of leaks. These leaks have the potential to damage large parts of your home or roof, if they aren’t noticed right away. They may also cause rotting to your fascia, as well as mold growth.

Other Services

Besides just being able to repair your soffit and fascia, we are also able to provide some other services to keep your roof in the proper shape. One is gutter repair. If your gutters are old or becoming clogged too often, this can harm your soffit, so you may need to have them updated or replaced. Besides that, we can be there to lend a hand with roof repairs and roof leaks, whether they are due to faulty fascia or not. When you are wondering if we can help you with the service you need, you can simply talk to us to learn more. There are many services that are offered by our roofers.

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We Want to Help

Taking care of your soffit & fascia, along with the other major components of your roof should be a priority. Not only do they need regular maintenance, but they also should be repaired or replaced when weaknesses pop up or are noticed. You can talk to us about this, and we will inspect your roof to find out what is going on. Work with us for soffit and fascia repair in Douglasville, GA, and you can be sure the job is done properly. We will also take the time to discuss other ways we may be of service to you and to your roof. Contact us at 404-309-8035 when you are interested.