Emergency Roof Repair

falling tree after hard storm on damage house

Aid in an Emergency

When you find yourself with a roofing emergency, this may be something that you simply couldn’t avoid. It could be due to a sudden accident or there might have been a major storm system that came through and damaged your roof. It doesn’t really matter what happened, as long as you have a trusted roofer on your team. When you do not have one, you may want to talk to us at Paramount Roofing and Consulting.

Our roofers are available anytime, so you can call them, no matter what time it is, when you have a roofing emergency. We will be able to put your fears at rest and help you out. Our roofers are qualified to handle emergency roof repair in Douglasville, GA, as well as multiple types of storm damage. Talk to us as soon as you think you have an emergency situation and we will get back to you as soon as can be. Contact us at 404-309-8035 to get started.

What is an Emergency?

There are a few things that qualify as an emergency when it comes to your roof. One is if there has been hail damage that has caused roofing to be missing or a leak to occur. If there is water coming into your home from a leak in your roof, this is something that should be stopped right away. Otherwise, you may risk damaging the inside of your home, ruin some of your belongings, or it could even lead to a mold problem, when it is unnoticed. Another emergency is if your roof catches fire for any reason, such as when a fire harms a roof. This can happen in a storm that has lightning or if transformers or power lines start to fail in your neighborhood. These can be scary times, but we will be there to lean on.

How We Can Help

The good news is that when you count on us, there are plenty of ways we can help you with your emergency roof repair. The first step is to find out what the problem is and if it is safe to inspect. When it isn’t, we may be able to cover up the hole, so that it can be secure until we are able to assess the extent of the damage. Oftentimes, we will suggest a roof inspection, which is something that your insurance company may want to see as well as an estimate for the repairs that you need done. We can even help you file an insurance claim, if you need our support with this type of matter. Once we know what needs to be fixed, we can get right to work for you.

Broken roof after a storm

We’re on Call Right Now

Our team knows that sometimes emergencies happen on the weekend or at night, when you least expect them. This is why we are on-call at all times to answer when our clients call. We don’t want you to have to figure out your emergency by yourself. This is important to us, which is why you can contact us 24/7. If you don’t reach us immediately, we will call you back quickly and find out what you need help with. Getting you the best emergency roof repair in Douglasville, GA is a priority that we take seriously. Dial us at 404-309-8035 when you need to, and we’ll make sure we are ready to lend a hand.