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While a damaged roof will at the minimum require to be repaired, and in more extreme situations could require re-roofing or even reinstallation, there could be circumstances where a short-term fix is required. Tarping the roof is one such solution, which is sometimes necessary during (say) the rainy season where it may not be feasible to undertake a full-scale overhaul of the roof, but the home must be protected from the elements.

While DIY solutions may be available, there are many reasons – including the danger of trying to work on a slippery and steep roof – why a professional roofer may be better suited to examine and assess the damage and then help you tarp the roof in a manner where you keep the rain out for a few months.

What Does Tarping Involve?

Before erecting and securing the tarp across damaged and vulnerable areas, the first job is to thoroughly examine the area, taking note of the damage and photographing it for insurance claim purposes. What’s more, this may be a good time to assess what the long-term solution may be – do you need to re-roof or replace, or will a repair hold up for a long enough period to make it worthwhile?

Once the inspection is done, the debris in the area needs to be cleared, adequate square footage of tarp procured along with four 2x4 boards to secure the tarp. Then, the ends of the tarp must be secured to the boards using cap nails. Next, the tarp needs to be rolled around the boards and the ends secured to the roof using six 2” nails for each board.

Doing this job during a rainy or snowy season is dangerous, and if the job is not done properly, would lead to your house getting wet. What’s more, the problem may get worse if the area is not adequately covered, which may cause a problem with insurance when you take a later, longer-lasting decision on how to fix your roof.

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Professional roofers that are experienced, licensed, and bonded can help you tarp your roof properly to tide you over, and also help document the damages for insurance. Choose one that is reliable for best results.

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