5 Solid Reasons to Use Specialist Roofers in Your Claims

March 21, 2022

Every year, wind and rain can cause significant damage to roofs. The most common form of roof damage occurs when wind-driven rain leaks into the ceiling and causes water to drip onto furniture or household items below. When this happens, homeowners are often left with expensive repairs or a complete roof replacement.

To avoid costly roofing repairs, homeowners should make sure that their roofs are in good condition before a storm hits. This includes checking for any loose or missing shingles and making sure that chimneys and venting systems are in good working order.

Always work with a specialist roofing company to get the best and smoothest claims process. Learn more about each item below.

Transparent Process

Specialist roofers will brief you about the complete claiming process. They will explain every step of the way and provide you with all crucial information. For example, a specialist roofing team will elaborate on their roof inspection procedures, record keeping, and data they will share to your insurance adjuster.

Once done, they will ask you to sign a contract stipulating that you’ve fully understood the steps they’ll undertake and proceed with the inspection of your roof.

Considers All Details

Specialist roofers have the experience and knowledge to carry out a full inspection that looks into every section, panel, and area of your roof. These include your roof panel condition, gutter systems, water and air leak testing, and beyond. Aside from looking at the recent storm’s cosmetic and easily-seen damages, they will perform various tests and fixes, such as using a special roofing tarp to cover your roof.

Roofing teams will most likely look into your chimney and vent’s conditions and include them in their records even if insurance adjusters may not cover this area specifically.

Prioritizes Your Needs

Unfortunately, insurance companies will use every data and means necessary to water down your claims. Most companies use adjusters accompanied by their partner roofing companies to perform inspections, but these two parties won’t always act on your best interests. With a specialist roofer, you’ll always have a professional who explains your roof’s current condition in the best possible way and will consistently uphold anything that helps maximize your claim.

Repairs Your Roof Thoroughly

Once your insurance adjuster finalizes their coverage with you and your specialist roofer, you can use the specialist roofer’s services to repair and restore your roof. You can be sure that these roofers will take on the task and address every issue to provide the highest-possible quality of service and output.

Guarantees All Results

Lastly, your roofer will provide you with labor guarantees on their work. If they’re a certified roofing material installation team, you also get the full manufacturer’s warranty on all materials and labor. Thus, you won’t have to worry about replacing your roof if it’s defective or has any issues — and the guarantees serve as a testament to your roofer and manufacturer’s workmanship and excellence.

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