Can Your Roofing Insurance Cover Water Damages to Your Property?

April 4, 2022

Water damage is fully avoidable with a well-maintained and functioning roof. However, conditions sometimes make you miss particular maintenance schedules, making small problems enormous and unmanageable over time.

Roofing insurance is helpful in these situations because it can cover everything that you need for all roofing damages. However, will it cover any water damage inside your property? Here are four questions to ask to help you find out.

What Does Your Policy Cover?

Property coverage is one of the most basic types of insurance that a homeowner can purchase. It covers damage to your home and its contents in case of an accident or disaster, including earthquakes, fires, floods, windstorms, and more. Keep in mind that this type of insurance does not cover liability if you cause damage to someone else's property or injury to another person.

Roofing insurance is a type of insurance that protects your roof from different risks that may result in damage. These include things such as hail, fire, wind, and roof leaks. It also covers the cost of repairing or replace the roof. However, it usually wouldn't cover any properties damaged by leaking water or floods.

What Policy Covers Water Damages?

A standard homeowners policy will cover water damage to your home, but not flood damage. Flood damage, including wind-driven rain, is covered as a separate peril under a standard homeowners policy. On the other hand, a flood damage add-on can cover any floodwater damages to your property, but you'll have to pay a higher premium.

Most water damage policies have contents coverage that will reimburse you for the cost of replacing your lost possessions. These are helpful because they can cover your valuables. However, some exclusions apply and you may be responsible for replacing damaged or lost covered items during a cleanup.

How Expensive Can Homeowner's Policy With Water Damages Reimbursement Be?

The average homeowner's policy with water damages reimbursement is $1,000. A typical policy of this type covers losses from a disaster such as a flood or fire. It may also cover the cost of temporary living expenses and property repairs. It doesn't cover floods or other disasters that are caused by weather or climate changes, like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Thus, you can expect that from $1,000, the costs for floodwater damages reimbursement will increase your regular premiums. Additionally, any other add-on you include as riders in your policy will increase your monthly premiums.

Is The Claiming Process For Roofing Insurance and Homeowner's Insurance Policy Different?

Each policy requires a different professional evaluation for proper reimbursement. For example, a professional roofer that can inspect and note roofing damages down to the smallest details is essential for a homeowner to have on their side when filing a claim.

Alternatively, a water damage professional restoration team is essential for helping you claim homeowner's insurance policies with water damages add-ons. They have a detailed understanding of the best way to help you restore your home and make your claims much more accurate to make sure the benefits address your property's needs.

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