The Role of Roofers During Storm Damage Claims

February 28, 2022

Storm damage is any weather-involved situation that damages your roof due to its strength, the projectiles it carries, and any other factors that can cause disastrous issues for your roof. Insurance that protects against these situations is always helpful, especially roof-focused policies. Unfortunately, the industry will pit homeowners against every obstacle to get their insurance claim approved. However, helpful and professional roofers will always put you and your property first.

Here are five situations wherein professional roofers can help you sort out your storm damage claims.

Accurate and Fresh Data

Right after a storm, nearby roofers can help assess your property’s overall situation. Their roofing expertise can help reveal various issues that unrepaired roofs can cause if left unrepaired through the years. Even during the health isolation period, roofers can ask homeowners to describe their roof’s current issues. These descriptions help them easily identify the roof’s possible conditions.

Now that roofers can head to your home for personal inspections, they can do so right after a storm. Their accurate and fresh data guarantees that insurers have the best picture of your roof’s condition.

Technical Explanations

Roofing is a basic process. Roofers head to your property, remove your old roof, install the new one, and maintain and repair it in the foreseeable future. However, your roofer has in-depth knowledge about roofing materials and construction that they never have to bring up with their clients and will do so in the roofing insurance adjuster’s presence.

Their technical explanations are vastly helpful because insurance adjusters fully understand the smallest details and intricacies of roofing materials, foundations, installations, warranties, and other areas involving your damaged roof. Thus, insurance adjusters can make the fairest decision on you and their respective behalf with roofers.

All Details in Full Representation

The roofing insurance market isn’t exactly the cleanest and most transparent industry to tread around. If you’re not careful, you may end up using your insurance but receiving a poor result that can’t restore your roof completely. It’s not completely a scam, but it means the insurers can still play their hand to gain the advantage.

Consultations allow roofers to see the full picture of your roof after a storm. In doing so, they have enough data to support your insurance claim. Thus, roofers are present with you during claims to make sure they represent the smallest details of your roofing damages.

The Final Word is With The Insurance Adjuster

Appealing to emotion with an insurance adjuster and highlighting your regular payments, insurance details, and visible roofing damages to them will not affect their decision to disqualify or reduce your roof’s total compensation. However, roofers can and will contest them about these details to ensure their final decision is in your best interest.

Actual Repairs and Replacements Of Your Roof

Lastly, your roofer’s main role is to repair and replace your roof after helping with your claims. After you have approval for your insurance claim, the roofer will arrange with the adjuster to receive their repair or replacement service checks. Then, they’ll work out a schedule with you to work on your roof.

If you have yet to find a dependable roofing service in your area, you can always count on us at Paramount Roofing & Consultation to help with all your roofing concerns and claims. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do for you.