Residential Roofing Installation

aerial view of a two story home

Professional Roof Installations

Getting a new roof is a big deal, since it is an investment you make into your home that can hold up well for many years. At the same time, this means that you must look at it for many years. Essentially you should take all the time you need to find the right roof for you, and you may need a team to help you understand what would work best for your home. At Paramount Roofing and Consulting, we are able to inform our clients about many types of roofing, since we work with a variety of types.

Reach out to us for residential roof installation in Douglasville, GA when you would like our expert help making the best decision. Our roofers will talk to you about the different types available and what their advantages are. If you would like to know this type of information, call us at 404-309-8035 with your queries.

We Work With Multiple Roofing Types

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you are ready to get a new roof. Our company works with some of the best roofing types out there, which means we can place these options on your roof. For instance, we are able to place asphalt shingles, steel roofing, synthetic tile, synthetic slate, and more. You may be surprised at all the different types of roofing that we can lend a hand with. No matter what type you want on your home, we will install it as best we can, without much disruption to your life. We know you have things you have to get done, so we won’t leave your yard messy or with materials scattered about.

Repairs are Possible Too

In some cases, you may want to talk about getting a new roof but you don’t need one yet. A good way to know for sure is to talk to us about a roof inspection. This is a process where we take a look at your entire roof, in order to find out where the weaknesses are. Once these are deciphered, it will be easier to know what the overall condition of your roof is. If you trust us to handle an inspection for you, keep in mind that you can also trust us to give you the results. We will let you know exactly what is going on and if you need repairs or a new roof. Other companies may ask you to pay for a new roof, even if you don’t need one, but you won’t experience this when you are our customer. Instead, we will talk to you about all the options available, so we can be sure there is a solution that meets your budget.

Keep it Looking Great

When we do need to place a roof on your home, we will always provide professional results, in a reasonable amount of time. In fact, some types of roofing won’t take that long to install, since they are easy to assemble and place on your roof. Once we add this new feature to your home, you should talk to us about preventative maintenance also, so you can ensure that you are getting the most life out of your roof. It is recommended that you have your roof checked every year or so, and with our team, we can handle this for you. You can also rely on us to keep you up to date of when you need to have your roof checked.

aerial view of brown asphalt two story home

Keep Us Informed

Our roofers are here to help you with your residential roof installation in Douglasville, GA, but we won’t be aware that you need our help unless you tell us. Make sure you keep us informed when you would like to utilize our services.

Additionally, feel free to reach out when you have questions about roofing types and what steps are involved in a roof installation. We are waiting to talk to you and provide you with all the information you need to make you comfortable. Dial 404-309-8035 to get started.