5 Building Codes You Should Comply With in Douglasville

April 18, 2022

Builders, designers, and engineers work to meet the building codes established in their city or town when buildings are constructed and renovated. Building codes provide guidelines for the building materials, design, and construction methods used. All building codes apply to residential and commercial properties, with some aspects added or removed.

Here are five building codes your residence must comply with in Douglasville.

IBC 2018

The International Building Code 2018 is a set of building codes that various jurisdictions have adopted. The code sets out minimum regulations for the construction of buildings to provide a reasonable level of safety against hazards, such as fire or structural collapse.

IRC 2018

The IRC 2018 building code is a set of rules based on the International Residential Code and used in the United States. It's a model building code that is used as a guide for how to build residential buildings. The IRC 2018 building code applies to all residential properties.

IFC 2018

The IFC 2018 fire code in Georgia is the International Fire Code, the standard set of regulations for all fire safety in the US. The IFC 2018 fire code in Georgia is based on the International Fire Code, which was first published in October of 2015. The IFC 2018 fire code protects people and property from the effects of fire and other hazards.

NFPA 70 2020

The NFPA 70 2020 minimum standard electrical code is a set of guidelines for installing and maintaining electrical wiring to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury. It is designed to be used as a basis for state and local electrical codes but can also be used by contractors who are not government-regulated or not installing wiring for a particular building or area.

ACI 318 2014

What is the ACI 318 2014 code for structural concrete in Georgia and why is it important? The ACI 318 2014 code for structural concrete in Georgia is important because it provides the most current guidelines for the state's design, engineering, and construction of concrete structures. The ACI 318 2014 code is important because it provides guidelines on how to design, engineer, and construct concrete structures that are safe, effective, and economical.

Home Construction and Building Codes

Paramount Roofing & Consulting specializes in storm damage claims and interim repairs. While we cannot construct homes according to building codes, complying with them gives you many advantages.

For example, many of your general residential property insurance policies work best and have you pay low premiums if your home complies with all these building codes. In addition, local governments can properly map your residential property and other relevant taxes.

In case your roof suffered from massive storm damages, allow us to repair and help you make the most detailed and successful insurance claims. After your roof suffers damage, call Paramount Roofing & Consulting to help assess your roof's existing condition and other possible damages before we make your claims. Call us today to learn more about everything we can do for you.