5 Crucial Reasons To Prevent Storm Damages To Your Home

January 30, 2022

Storm damages after a tornado, massive thunderstorms, and snow can cause huge roofing restoration and repair expenses. Plus, a leaking roof will cause water damage to your entire house, effectively destroying your prized possessions and everything you've saved up and worked for so far in life.

Fortunately, the cause of water damages after disaster strikes are easy to spot and prevent, allowing you to prepare for a storm before it hits. If you don't take action soon, you can suffer from the following.

Warping Floors and Walls

Water damage can cause floors and walls to warp. The water seeps into the wood floor or drywall and expands, causing it to dry out unevenly, especially in older homes. This uneven drying process creates a weak point in the floor or wall and usually leads to structural weakening of the building.

Warped floors and walls require their complete removal and replacement and require professionals' help. This is a very demanding process that can cost thousands of dollars, but you can avoid this by preventing water damages from happening.


Water can cause discoloration in various ways, such as rust stains, mold and mildew, and bubbling paint. The bigger the water's affected area means, you'll contend with higher expenses repainting the entire property interior. While repainting your home interiors isn't the most expensive, it takes so much time, too, because you'll have to wait for the paint to dry before recoating and to ensure there are no acrid smells.

Acrid Damp Smell

Water damages cause a significantly present noxious scent. One of the most common causes is the presence of a gas called hydrogen sulfide. When this gas builds up, it becomes a dangerous pollutant that can cause various health problems.

Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas that is mostly emitted by decaying organic matter. The gas is formed after the chemical reaction of hydrogen sulfide with sulfur dioxide and certain organic compounds. The gas reacts with other compounds such as ammonia, producing more hydrogen sulfide.

Professionals can remove this damp scent by removing all affected parts and replacing them.

Mold Growth

Water damage is one of the leading causes of mold in houses. If a home has mildew, mold, or moisture growing on it, the water damage could be extensive.

Mold grows in damp environments where there is a lot of moisture and high humidity and causes damage to property, health, and the environment. It's important to know where mold is so you can take preventative measures or repair the damage before it spreads, and professionals can greatly help.

Damaged Belongings

Lastly, damaged belongings are the biggest problems water damages can cause. Modern living requires the use of numerous electronic and electrical devices that water can easily short, rust, and cause decay, rendering them destroyed in the process.

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