The Key Differences Between General Property and Specialized Roofing Insurance

January 3, 2022

Insurance is an important part of home protection because it gives you full control over unavoidable and troublesome situations, such as acts of God, fire, and theft. General property insurance is the go-to policy for most properties, but it doesn't give you excellent protection against any possible damages to your roof. Learn more about each of them below.

General Property Insurance

General property insurance protects against damage to your home, car, and valuables. It is a type of insurance that protects against theft, fire, and other events that might cause your property to be damaged.

Let's dive deeper into each of its aspects.

Covers Your Entire Property

The general policy covers property such as the building, the land, and personal property. This means that any incident stated in the policy's terms and your paid premiums are financially covered if they come to pass through without you causing them. Acts of God, fire, theft, water damage, and floods are part of general insurance protection.

Has Set Terms For Your Roofing Materials

General property insurance covers your roofing materials but only provides you with basic benefits. For example, hailstorms that severely damage your roof have to be enough for roofing inspectors to find it unusable. Therefore, if your roof only suffered from scrapes and blisters during a hailstorm but can still withstand another one, your general household policy might not acknowledge your claim.

Can Have Higher Premiums

General property insurance policies can have higher premiums because of the wide coverage. It's a necessity for most homes, but it's clear that it's much more expensive than specialized roofing insurance when you look at its premiums.

Specialized Roofing Insurance

Specialized roofing insurance is an insurance policy that covers damages caused by hail, wind, and hurricanes. The insurance company will pay out a certain amount of money if the policy covers the damage caused by the natural disaster.

Only Covers Your Roof

Storm damage insurance is typically a rider to your homeowner's or renter's policy that covers the cost of damages to your roof caused by wind, hail, and other elements during a storm.

Has The Best Terms and Conditions For Your Roof Alone

These policies typically cover the cost of repairs to your home, including structural damage and replacement of lost materials. Additionally, some policies may cover the cost of moving your home, replacing your belongings, and other additional costs. The most common types of coverage available for homeowners include wind and hail damage.

Are Often Single Premiums

Single-premium roofing insurance is a type of roofing insurance that provides a single premium for the whole policy. The policyholder pays one premium, and the insurance company pays all other costs associated with the damage. This means you won't have to pay multiple tranches before you can get the specialized roofing insurance policy's benefits.

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