Why Do You Need Roofers For Successful Roofing Claims?

January 10, 2022

Roofing disasters are already expensive enough considering the roofing costs and other factors involved in recovery. So, why would you want to contact a roofer for a successful roofing claim against your insurer? Aren’t everything you need to know already stated in your insurance clauses, making it easy and convenient to make a claim using your claims adjuster’s own roofing company? Here are a few things that can affect your roofing claims — and it’s not the roofing damages alone.

Claims Adjusters Reduce THEIR Costs

All insurance claims adjusters intend to help the insured in processing their claims. However, their priority is to minimize the possible costs the insurance company can incur by rounding off certain aspects to damage categories they’ve stipulated. In short, a genuine roofer who intends to help and represent you before your insurer will point out certain aspects that ensure your roof completely recovers to maximize your insurance claims.

Roofers Will Help You Understand The Full Extent of Roof Damages.

Contacting specialist roofers, such as Paramount Roofing, allows you to determine the full extent of your roof’s damages after a storm. As one of the first responders, they can document every single aspect that happened without touching them. The information they collect will speed up your claims adjuster’s work and allow their respective roofer to scrutinize the damages without sacrificing small but important aspects. In doing so, you have the best chance to maximize your insurance claims.

What Areas Do Roofers Inspect After A Storm?

Roofers inspect the following areas after a storm hits your property and upon calling them for their services.

Damaged Zones

Roofs suffer damages after a storm due to wind, hail, and water. Wind can blow over the roof. Hail can be large and can cause roofing damage. Water can accumulate on the roof and cause mildew and rot.


If you have a metal roof, the dents might be from hailstones or branches. The wind can also cause a dent. If it's in a way that prevents the water from running off of the roof, it may have dents.

Missing Shingles and Tiles

When the wind blows, the shingles are usually ripped off of the roof and are scattered all around the neighboring streets. Asphalt shingles are made of asphalt, which is a material that is lighter than most other materials that are typically used to make roofing materials. Airborne objects like trees and other debris can easily break the shingles, causing them to fall from the roof.


Roof gutters help to collect rainwater, which is then directed away from the building via downspouts. When a storm occurs, the force of the wind can blow debris from the side of a building onto the roof. This debris can create holes in the gutters, causing them to leak.

You can always trust Paramount Roofing to provide you with top-notch roofing repair and installation services. Plus, we specialize in storm damage and roof insurance claims. Our team of specialist roofers are greatly familiar with the roofing insurance claims systems, including all the details and steps necessary for a successful claim. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do.